Antaryami – a 12 Month Immersion Connecting with your inner wisdom

Introducing a 12 month immersion – Antaryami
4 seasons | 9 gatherings
Immerse yourself
Connect with your inner wisdom
Maximum group number of 10


My intention is that you will have an instinctive and intuitive feel for the cycles of day and night, passing seasons, cycles of nature and the cycles of your bodymind. The practices we share will connect you beyond the bodymind, reaching into your deepest self, into that place of knowing, of true connection and absolute wisdom. In Sanskrit this place is called your Antaryami.

What to expect

  • Through a process lasting 12 months you will learn about your deepest self.
  • This will be done with Yoga and Ayurveda as well as by following the cyclical wisdom of the Celtic year festivals that we are blessed with in the northern hemisphere.
  • This journey into the self is a truly unique east meets west experience. 
  • The maximum group size will be 10. 
  • We will gather live (online) 8 times during the 12 months, around the traditional Celtic festival dates.
  • There will be a WhatsApp group for ongoing discussion and sharing.
  • You will receive a seasonal recipe twice a month.
  • We will practise rituals together according to the time of year and the moon phases.
  • There will be guidance on Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle, which will include cleansing in Spring and Autumn.
  • There will be a guide which will be emailed to you gradually as the year unfolds. Each section will be sent 2 weeks prior to our planned gathering.
  • Online practices will be recorded for you to download and keep.
  • Should you wish to join a residential retreat during the year of the immersion you will receive a £108 discount from the total retreat cost.
  • A a one to one session is included during the year at a time in this journey that you feel is helpful for you.

Immersion content will include

  • The Rowan tree, why is it our guide?
    Our underlying philosophy – Sankhya
    Seasonal rituals (8 times in the year) and recipes (every 2 weeks)
    Our changing selves, seasons and cycles
    Simple mantra (sound)
    Exploration of the elements, doshas and seasons, how do these impact us emotionally and physically?
    Gunas, our emotional and mental health
    Online (recorded) practices (9 times in the year)
    4 bonus practice recordings sent to you seasonally

Online practices

  • Practices at each live gathering will consist of a traditional approach, yoga postures (asana), breathing (pranayama), meditation and deep relaxation (nIdra)
    The process of rituals will be clearly explained
    You will be encouraged to create and then maintain a daily home practice. This can be a short as 10 minutes, longer if you have time. Support will be given to help you with this. 
    There will be lots of time and opportunity for discussion and questions. 
    There will be a maximum of 10 people on this course to allow time and space for individual guidance when required.
    When the year has fully passed we will gather one final time, on the Spring equinox where we began.

You will receive

  • 12 recorded practices
    24 seasonal recipes
    8 rituals
    8 mantras
    Seasonal wisdom from Ayurveda
    Authentic Yoga practice recordings 
    A wonderful network of beautiful likeminded souls
    The course guide. This will include clear factsheets, practical explanations and ‘how to’ instructions, working with Ayurvedic approach in real life, sample menus for everyday living and (for the more studious) questions to test your knowledge.


All online sessions below will consist of philosophy and theory discussion, time for Q&A, a short break and practice.

Dates (all Saturdays 10am – 1pm UK time)
Ideally you will attend all session live
2024 – 16th March, 4th May, 22 June , 27 July , 21 Sept, 2 Nov, 21 December
2025 – 1 February, 22 March 

Cost and booking

The cost of this 12 month immersion is £432 if paid before the start date
Payment by instalments throughout the year is possible at a cost of £40 per month by direct debit

For more information, to ask anything at all and to book please contact Virginia.

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