Full Moon Yoga Nidra – South Devon

Full Moon Yoga Nidra – South Devon

Saturday 24th February 3-6pm
At Namaste Barn

This February full moon is sometimes called the snow moon because its when the heaviest snow can fall. Hence this is a time for settling and for stillness. A time for deep rest before we begin to emerge into the spring.


What to expect

We will nourish and nurture the body with gentle, restorative and easeful movements as well as using breathwork to calm the mind, bringing us into a more meditative and peaceful space within ourselves.
You will experience Yoga Nidra (guided deep relaxation) three times.
You will find that each time you enter the Nidra zone the experience becomes deeper.
This practice will be therapeutic and very accessible for anyone, regardless of experience or ability. 

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra means Yoga sleep. It is a specific way of relaxing the body and mind that takes us into a place where we are not fully awake but not asleep either. This practice is incredibly healing for the nervous system, for anxiety and for easing bodymind tension. Because there is no movement required during yoga Nidra it’s very accessible for anyone. 

Cost and Booking

The cost of this afternoon workshop is £27
This includes tea and snacks
To ask anything or to book please contact Virginia

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