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Ethical and fairtrade, UK based, sustainable, quality products & practitioners

I use all of the companies and services listed here regularly.
They all have ethical and fairtrade policies, are uk based and sustainably source their excellent quality products.
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Stephen Brandon

This is my primary teacher. Steve is a dedicated Yoga and Ayurveda practitioner who truly lives what he teaches.
His depth of knowledge is second to none. If you want to get really serious, consider studying with Steve.


Devon School of Yoga

Duncan Hulin who founded DSY in 1989, is an inspiration. I completed all my initial teacher training and Yoga Therapy training with him.
For further Yoga study, teacher training, retreats and workshops, for authentic and holistic Yoga then do have a look at what DSY offer.


Essential Ayurveda

An excellent small family run company based in Lincolnshire.
High quality Ayurvedic products, including therapeutic herbs, traditional oils, delicious teas and the best chywanaprash I’ve ever tasted!
Click the link below for a 5% discount on anything you purchase.



Beautiful Ayurvedic massage products, skincare and therapist training. Based in Nottingham. Products include the ‘neem’ range, incredible healing for the body inside and out. Sunita Passi the founder is a dear friend and an absolute inspiration!

Sattvic Soul Book

Recipes and rituals woven together with the ancient art of Ayurveda and nature’s cyclical wisdom. Delicious healthy food and simple lifestyle tips. Find out how digestion is an integral part of our health and wellness. Practice self-love and gratitude.

Uschi Gibson

Uschi was inspired and initiated into the path of Goddess worship in her childhood. As a scholar-practitioner of the Shakta Tantra tradition, Uschi has a unique experience as a fluent Hindi speaker, and fully engaged member of the ancient Hindu culture she lives in. Based in Varanasi with her partner & son, Uschi embodies and shares aspects of the culture only available by joining her on an adventure!



Triveda offer authentic excellent quality Ayurvedic products. Their approach is simple and true to the Ayurvedic way. I personally love their travel pack when I’m on the road!
Use the code VC10 for a 10% discount.

The Ayurveda Academy

Joanna and Kate offer practical and inspiring courses, combing Ayurveda’s ancient wisdom with modern insights on how to live well. Having met and had a treatment from Joanna and after spending some time with her I can highly recommend!

Jasmine Hemsley

Wellbeing expert, bestselling author of East by West, a chef, restaurateur and food & health writer, Jasmine believes in conscious joyful living, taking a 360-degree approach to health. A truly inspirational Ayurvedic being!

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda evolved in India, and is considered to be the world’s oldest healthcare system. It is the sister science of Yoga.

The Sanskrit word Ayurveda means the ‘science of life’. An Ayurvedic approach is entirely holistic. It aims to create harmony between the body, mind, and spirit, maintaining balance, preventing illness, treating acute conditions, and contributing to a long and healthy life.

“Ayurveda uses cyclical wisdom, nurtures cycles of the sun and moon, day and night, shifting seasons, life stages and the body and minds natural rhythms and cycles.”

Ayurveda is not a “one-size-fits-all” system. Instead, its regimens are tailored to each person’s unique prakriti (Ayurvedic constitution), taking into account his or her needs for nutrition, exercise, personal hygiene, social interaction, and other lifestyle elements. Ayurvedic practices incorporate diet, physical Yoga exercises, breathing, meditation and massage therapy.


About Yoga

Yoga originated in India around 5,000 years ago. The word Yoga is a Sanskrit word which translates as ‘union’ or ‘joining’.

“I view Yoga as a therapeutic tool and use in in client sessions to balance the body and mind.”

Yoga can be adapted for all, whatever your ability. Yoga incorporates more than just stretching and moving, it is also breath work, meditation and relaxation. You will find within this practice an acceptance, regardless of your experience or capabilities. Yoga with Virginia includes all Yoga techniques, particularly Pranayama (breathing) and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation).


“We are both very pleased with our appointments with Virginia. It has helped us to see our health in a different way. Through a more holistic approach it has made us more aware. Understanding the impact of our diet and life experiences and a tailored programme to help change these gives us new focus and motivation and believe that we can make the positive change we want to see. Many thanks.”

Andrew and Denise, June 2021

Courses & Treatments

Embrace wellness and live your best life

Virginia is offering you a complete authentic Yoga experience inclusive of all the practices Yoga offers and this makes it inclusive for everyone, regardless of age or physical ability.

Visit the schedule page to find out about the latest classes, workshops, retreats and courses on offer.


“Your classes have got me through some very tough times in my life. All about wellbeing and finding inner strength to get through the challenges in life. Your Yoga classes have been extremely beneficial in my life and helped me with my health too.”


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