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Compassion in Action

As you are probably aware, there is presently an incredibly challenging situation unfolding across India associated with Covid. Many ordinary people have lost their jobs and livelihoods in India as a result of Covid and the circumstances resulting from this, and we will be looking at how we can help these people. This photo is from my first ever trip to India in 2010. The ordinary people in this incredible land that have gifted us Yoga and Ayurveda now need our help and support.

I will be donating ALL funds from our beach Yoga sessions during May AND from the online ‘meditation and more’ course starting on 17th May to help ordinary everyday people in the Kerala region. This assistance will then be distributed with the kind help of the Cherai Ayurveda Siddha Hospital. You can read more and donate by clicking HERE

To give a little context, in India distancing and other measures are more challenging due to cultural differences and so the likelihood of any disease spread is always increased. In addition the population is a lot larger and many places are very densely populated. So there are unique risks because of this demographic. The numbers of infections are large but taking into account the population number the percentages remain fairly low, and the recovery rate is high, at least in more rural parts of Kerala. It is different in the big cities. As always we advocate staying healthy and active, and many Ayurvedic and Yoga practices will help you to maintain a healthy and vital body and mind in order to manage any infection or symptoms that are present. 

Event details are all on my website schedule page: (https://www.virginiacompton.com/teaching-schedule)

Karma Yoga, compassion in action. Be the change you wish to see.