Spring Cleanse ONLINE

In Ayurveda it is recommended that we cleanse at the change of season in order to prevent build up of ama (toxins) in the body and mind, this helps to prevent disease.


In Ayurveda it is recommended that we cleanse at the change of season in order to prevent build up of ama (toxins) in the body and mind, this helps to prevent disease. This will be a 3 week online simple and supportive process.

What to expect

The whole cleanse process takes 3 weeks.

  • Week 1 – Cutting out sugar, caffeine, alcohol, dairy and wheat.
  • Week 2  – We follow a traditional Ayurvedic cleansing and healing food plan. Option to take some simple herbs.
  • Week 3  – Introducing more food variety again, making a plan to continue to eat well.
      The foods during the cleanse are simple to prepare and easy to digest. This is designed to help us to rebalance and cleanse our system of toxins so that we can prevent disease and maintain an optimum state of wellness in the body and mind. This is an intense process which can feel much more achievable in a group with support. 

Payment and booking

£45 investment

You will receive an electronic (emailed) cleanse guide with recipes, shopping list and suppliers details.
You can have a discounted consultation (zoom or in person) with Virginia at an extra cost of £36 (discounted from usual cost of £54).

Everyone completing the cleanse will need to join the group by 20th March 8pm (uk time) at the latest to take part. 
There will be a WhatsApp group for general chat, support and sharing of experiences. 
Towards the end of the second week there will be an opportunity for the group to meet up on zoom, to discuss the experience so far and to talk about what happens next. 

Contact Virginia to join.

What are previous cleanse participants saying?

Whilst this process can feel challenging, it definitely gives incredible results.
Below are some comments from previous cleanse group clients. 

“I’ve been working as a Wellbeing coach in a GP surgery for the last 4 years and am shocked at the amount of medication being given out. Diet, movement and working on positivity is always the prescription I work with. I took myself off my colitis medication just before the cleanse started (after my consultation with ⁨Virginia⁩) and so far no symptoms. I’m hoping this is a positive change that can stay!”

“My gut feels so cleansed and settled for the first time in ages that I definitely won’t be going back to cake and caffeine! I’ll be eating alternative food and keeping it very light and uncomplicated! Loving my evening soup so that’s staying and thinking of making a shitake mushroom risotto with walnuts for lunches.”

“Really clear information and any other questions were all answered within the what’s app group. Challenging to change habits but so very worth it! Having cut all toxins, my whole system feels more balanced, less bloated and I feel clearer headed and I’m sleeping much more deeply which is very welcome. Having suffered IBS, gluten and lactose intolerance for many years the simplicity of the food and routine is something I’ll be sticking to as much as possible to allow my gut to keep healing. I’ll be much more aware in future of when my system is out of balance and I now have the tools to keep me on track. Thank you!”

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