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Step away from ordinary everyday life for a while, and let us support and nourish you in whatever way you need.

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From online courses, one day retreats in the UK, to two week retreats in Kerala, South India.

Spring 2024

New Moon Yoga Nidra ONLINE

8th May 2024

The new moon is a time of darkness and perfect for this practice of deep rest. This is a time for settling and for stillness. A time for deep rest, time to just be, before we re-emerge back into everyday life.

Spring 2024

Ayurveda Inspiration – half day workshop

12th May 2024

This morning workshop will answer questions about this ancient health system, giving you practical tools and tips to manage your health, staying healthy and happy on a day to day basis.

Spring 2024

Connect with the goddess within – half day workshop

12th May 2024

Take time for yourself, away from the busyness of daily life. Consider what it means to be a woman, who are you and what’s feels important for you to focus upon right now? Using feminine flowing yoga practices as well as deep relaxation (Nidra) and mantra (sound) we will connect with our authentic selves and remember what we came here for.

Spring 2024

Cleansing, balancing, healing ONLINE

15th May 2024

A 3 part online course empowering you to take control of your life and your health. Cleansing, balancing, healing.
How many people do you know that are 100% healthy? Most people seem to have at least a small health issue or symptom. This is not normal. The body is able to function in a healthy and efficient way when it is in its optimum state of health.


Yoga & Ayurveda Summer Retreat – Ireland

31st May 2024

This three day retreat will offer a foundational understanding of how Yoga and Ayurveda can support your health in simple and practical ways that you can easily implement in your daily life. This retreat is open to all and will offer an
opportunity to truly retreat, rest and rejuvenate.


Summer Retreat – South Devon

28th June 2024

A long summer weekend enjoying nourishing yoga and delicious Ayurvedic food, cyclical wisdom and healing practices. Included is a sound healing session, herbal foraging walk and fire ceremony. Massage is available at extra cost.

Summer 2024

Ayurvedic Cookery Day

6th July 2024

At the heart of Ayurveda is the food we eat. What we put into our body and the way in which this is done creates our body tissues and cells, produces our energy, can change our mood and can either create health or disease.
This day will focus specifically on protein sources, nuts, seeds, pulses and tofu type products.


New Moon Day Retreat – South Devon

3rd August 2024

Join Virginia for this one day retreat in the heart of South Devon at the peaceful, secluded and beautiful NB
On the day of the new (dark) moon we will pause to rest, nurture and reset.
After arriving and settling into our day together we will enjoy a whole day of therapeutic Yoga, a delicious vegetarian lunch and fire ceremony.

Autumn 2024

Autumn Cleanse ONLINE

28th September 2024

In Ayurveda it is recommended that we clean in order to prevent build up of ama (toxins) in the body and mind, this helps to prevent disease. This will be a 3 week online simple process.



Ayurveda retreat in Kerala, South India 2024

23rd November 2024

Step away from ordinary everyday life and join us in South India. This unique trip includes a 4 night tour through the colourful and spiritual landscapes of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, followed by an 8 night Ayurveda and Yoga retreat.

FROM 2024

Panchakarma cleanse

1st December 2024

From 2024 Virginia will be offering panchakarma cleansing in Devon UK.

Panchakarma means ‘5 actions’ and is a fully residential, longer deeper cleanse process.

“I had planned this wonderful trip to India as my first step into retirement, and it was the perfect decision. The retreat is well organised by Virginia Compton with all your needs catered for. I had planned to extend my visit to Kerala by two weeks to explore a bit more of the area. Shibu Krishna was on hand during my stay at the retreat to help me plan my onward journey. He arranged transport and booked hotels for me at each place I visited. He made the process seamless and absolutely perfect. Without a doubt, I would recommend this retreat in India, and with the guaranteed sunshine, wonderful scenery and kind gentle people – Kerala will be the place I visit again.”
Sandy 2020

About Yoga & Ayurveda

Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences and it is recommended that they are always practised alongside one another.

From online courses, one day retreats in the UK, to two week retreats in Kerala, South India.

Step away from ordinary everyday life for a while, and let us support and nourish you in whatever way you need.

Having never been to India and travelling on my own, I could not ask for more helpful, kind, knowledgeable and supportive people. The retreat is a true world away and an oasis of tranquillity and peace. A wonderful place to reset and offers a rich variety of ways to realign your body, mind and health.
I could not recommend it enough.

Robert 2020


“Virginia is amazingly committed and dedicated to every individual under her care.
I attended an ayurveda cleansing retreat organised by her in November 2022.
Unusually, she arranged to meet all the participants prior to the retreat and sent questionnaires for us to complete so she knew much about us before the event. Her personal engagement with each of us meant we trusted her. She provided specific treatment and massages for each of us. Her high level of expertise combined with her interest in each person is truly commendable.”

Anaar 2022


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