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Wild Women and the world

Recently a dear friend said to me ‘Just be yourself’. How amazing. The most beautiful thing anyone ever said to me. Just to be myself is enough, I have learned. And you, just to be yourself is enough. You are a beautiful goddess, wild, free spirited, with wisdom, creativity and courage beyond that which you can even imagine you possess. When I am my true self, when I trust my instincts and intuition, I know I am safe. I know that the judgements and decisions I make are right for me and that I am being good to myself and caring for myself in the best way I possibly can. This may sound simple but it can be very difficult to do, which is why we often don’t do it.

What stops us from being our true selves? Society as it is structured can find a so called ‘alternative’ point of view such as this challenging. We suddenly one day wake up and find ourselves trapped in a house we no longer like, perhaps in a relationship which no longer nurtures us and with a job which makes us stressed and then the whole scenario causes us to be depressed, lacking in energy and motivation and so we just trudge on day after day until we die. We have lost ourselves. Ask yourself, if this house, partner, job and everything which I feel identifies me were gone tomorrow, who would I be? Who are you? We can either give into the madness of the expectations placed upon us since birth, or we can rise up and re-birth and re-earth ourselves. In order to connect with ourselves we need to get back to basics, strip away all the false images and charades and so this involves returning to nature, to our feral roots. Go outdoors, out of the house, daytime, nighttime, anytime.  Go to the ocean, to the woods, to the mountains, go where it is totally wild and free. Take off your shoes (and clothes maybe!) and feel the earth beneath your feet. Walk barefoot and breathe, breathe, breathe. Then light a fire and sit for a while, just allow yourself to be. Wild and free, in the elements, being yourself. See how you feel.

How do we harness this wildness and then manage to still function in everyday life? It is not easy and will result in upheaval and possible major life changes if you are currently living more conventionally. Tune in to your creativity, paint, draw and write, sing, play music and dance. Do not ever ever concern yourself about what other people may say. You will be judged, by family and friends as well as strangers. Do not let this distract you. You are only being true to yourself. Only you and you alone can do this for yourself, you must be brave, courageous and strong. There is no rational reason to feel that you need to conform to what everyone else believes you should be doing. You can choose to do whatever you like, when you like, with who you like.

Within this challenge of being yourself you are never alone. I have come to know so many inspirational so called everyday ordinary women. Know this, none of us are ordinary, we are all extraordinary human beings with incredible creative and passionate potential. Please never ever forget that.

Some women have found themselves trapped for an entire lifetime in domesticity and a marriage they regret but feel they cannot end, others have personal challenges which they wrangle with on a daily basis, others have physical and psychological health struggles, some have none of these things and are wild and free, but they still find life tough at times. We all bear the scars of this existence, because thats life. Below are the first names of some of these incredible women. This blog today is dedicated to them, with love. 

 Kate, Anna, Jenna, Trixy, Lara, Beryl, Kim, Donna, Trish, Maggie, Laura Grace, Christine, Janet, Emma, Kathy, Lisa, Sandra, Sue, Catherine, Kerstine, Sarah, Nicky, Annie, Liz, Debbie, Cheryl, Jane, Violeta, Karen, Amanda, Sian, Jess, Tash, Dawn, Emily, Penny, Alice, Lindsey, Sunita, Helen, Pat, Jackie.